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california’s real estate woes

Saturday, January 29th, 2011

The FBI is currently investigating crimes in California relating to illegal real estate transactions at foreclosure sales (refer to which follows this entry.

Please include attorney Michael T. Pines in your list of questionable people; while he may not be involved in illegal sales yet, he has taken $5,000 from individuals who then lost their homes because he admittedly does NOT do his job; I’ve seen eMails wherein he said he “forgot” to file papers on time on one case.

In another, a man took out his retirement savings, paid $5,000 to Pines, who then apparently did NOTHING; the 78-year-old-man involved has just left his home of two decades and moved to another county with his cat.

Michael T. Pines advised a 74–year-old women to move back into her already-sold house. She did. Within hours, she was taken to jail in handcuffs which seriously bruised her arms. Michael T. Pines IS a white collar crook. He took $5,000 up front from dozens of families and did nothing! Also because of Michael Pines, one senior man recently left his home of 20 years and, with his cat, moved to another county.

Pines and others of his ilk belong in jail.

Many states, like virginia where I increased info am from, have laws against texting while driving

How Does a Cash Advance Buy Respect?

Thursday, January 27th, 2011

Economic life in challenging times can do a number on your dignity. Particularly for the working person, always having to fight to pay bills on time, a single emergency expense (such as broken appliances, insurance deductibles and medical co-pays) can make all your hard work seem futile. If you need to buy back some respect, maybe a can help you do it.

What is a cash advance? It’s your next paycheck, except it comes earlier. It won’t be the full amount, but a portion of your pay – which might be just enough to pay the most important bills. Cash advance loans are available through companies, and restore respect for you and your work in the following ways:

• Cash advance loans respect you for working hard. If you have a job, you can get a cash advance. No collateral is required. No stellar credit rating is necessary (a cash advance is based on a paycheck only, so even if you have a very poor credit score it doesn’t matter). Just prove you are employed for one to three months and have a checking account where your loan can be received electronically.

• You manage your bills on YOUR schedule. Of course your rent or mortgage is due on one day, your phone and utility charges on others. Perhaps you have car loans and insurance payments that hit at different times during the month. With a cash advance, you will be able to pay those bills on their due date. That’s control of the calendar.

• An easy application respects your time. The whole process of applying for a cash advance loan takes about 20 minutes. That’s it – once the application is submitted online, from your personal computer, you simply sit back and get the approval. Check your bank the following morning and the money will be there.

After you’ve managed the bills for the month, and worked out a plan to repay the loan, you can look in the mirror with respect as well. You’ve earned it.

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