How to Entertain On A Budget

If you’re

trying to cut down on entertainment spending, you have a great deal of opportunity ahead of you. Movies, bars and dining out all cost quite a bit. However, you don’t want to trim your budget at the cost of losing time spent with all of your friends. One way to save while still being social is to invite friends over to your house or apartment. However, even playing host can add up. Here are some ideas on how to save:

Organize a Potluck. Most people are going to bring something when they are invited to someone’s house so don’t be shy about telling guests exactly what they can bring to help. That way, you won’t end up with 6 bottles of wine but no appetizers or side dishes!

Think Vegetarian. Meat dishes tend to be more expensive than meatless ones but there are plenty of vegetarian dishes that everyone can enjoy and are good for serving a larger group, such as pasta and chili. Try these recipes, both with and without meat.

Play Cards and Board Games. Conversation usually flows easily among friends, but if you are looking for something more to fill the time, you don’t have to spend any money when a good game of cards or a fun board game will provide plenty of fun.

Have a Movie Night. Instead of going out to the movies, invite friends over to enjoy one in front of the television. If you belong to Netflix, you can find plenty of free movies to stream, and even if you have to pay to buy or rent a movie for the night, five dollars for a rental will save you quite a bit versus actually going to a theater!

What are some of your ideas for entertaining on a budget?

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