Protestors Gather in Front of the Justice Department in Washington D.C.

Protestors Gather Justice Department Washington D.C.

The foreclosure crisis has taken a heavy toll on ordinary citizens, particularly older people and communities of color. People have become fed up with how banks had been using predatory lending practices against them. Besides bad lending practices, bankers have poorly invested pension funds and mishandled home equity.

Surprisingly, none of these people have been brought to justice. Occupy Our Homes, the Home Defenders League and others decided to march from Freedom Square to the Justice Department on May 20; the protestors came from all across the country. There were hundreds of occupiers.

They stormed the Justice Department and climbed over barricades blocking them from the building. People even climbed up statues in front of the building and put little mini tents with sayings on them that said banks should be foreclosed upon, not people.

A minister who had been affected by foreclosure held a service in

front of the building. People also moved couches in front of the building so protestors had a place to sit. It was very reminiscent of Occupy Wall Street.

The protest expanded even further and police had to arrest 17 people because of the breakout of commotion and the blocking of traffic. Some people were even tapered by police.

People camped out in front of the buildings and protests continued for a few days. The people who were arrested refused to give their names, which complicated matters.

The protestors wanted the actions of the banking district to be accounted for and their homes granted back to them after they were foreclosed.

Unfortunately, they are unlikely to get their homes back but their rallying cries will certainly enact change in this country. It is time this country’s citizens took a stand and fought for what was right.


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