Where Is Cabo San Lucas

March 6, 2013
By Admin

Cabo San Lucas?  San Jose del Cabo? Los Cabos?  Just where is Cabo San Lucas?  We admit it can be confusing.  Maybe we can clear it up for you.

What we know as Los Cabos is actually a vast extension of magnificent coastline that extends for over 20 miles along the coast of the Baja California Peninsula. It begins in San Jose del Cabo, a small yet captivating colonial town, and ends in the exuberant Cabo San Lucas. This entire ribbon is known as Los Cabos (The Capes). This is one of the most exclusive touristic strips in the world. Home to the best luxury hotels and resorts, it also boasts some of the world’s most famous golf courses, designed by golf celebrities like Tom Weiskopf, Jack Nicklaus, Robert Trent Jones II and Pete Dye.

During the months of winter, especially in February, gray whales make their impressive entrance to the Sea of Cortes. After a long journey that began in the coast of Alaska, these magnificent mammals arrive to the warmer waters to mate and give birth to their highly social and playful offspring, a unique show Mother Nature provides every year.

Either because of golf, open sea fishing, incredible beaches or the magnificent nightlife, one visit to Los Cabos is all you will need to fall for its beauty. Words are not enough to describe all sensations the visitor goes through contemplating the sea from one of its cliffs, witnessing an unforgettable sunset or simply feeling the wind caressing the face while watching a family of gray whales swim and play in the bay.

Make it a permanent part of your life by talking to Los Cabos Agent.  Nick can guide you through the selection of the perfect retreat or permanent home for you.  If you decide to only be a part time resident, Nick’s charming wife Rocio can step in to manage your property.



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