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Home Foreclosure – The Laws & Policies Before making the Big Step

Tuesday, September 11th, 2012

Home foreclosure rules and policies are important things to look up to before making a financial plan. In this way you can be able to prepare certain things, be oriented and try know how it works. There are different kinds of home foreclosure in every state, so to know more you should inquire a bank personnel and other agent trustees. Some banks will send you notifications through letters or emails. Do not hesitate to ask questions for in that way you will have no doubts and you will able to rely on the policies that has been given to you. Preventing home foreclosure is the one thing home owners wants. To avoid certain things or areas that your home will be taken away from you. It is not a hard process.

However, a general of what to can be found on our foreclosure timeline.

Three types of foreclosures may be initiated at this time:

1. Judicial Foreclosure.

All states allow this type of foreclosure, and some require it. The lender files suit with the judicial system, and the borrower will receive a note in the mail demanding payment.

2. Power of Sale.

This type of foreclosure, also known as statutory foreclosure, is allowed by many states if the mortgage includes a power of sale clause.
3. Strict Foreclosure.

A small number of states allow this type of foreclosure.

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