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CashNetUSA’s Monopoly (Financial) Lessons

Monday, September 27th, 2010

Your family learned a more than a few money lessons over the weekend.  Who knew those lessons would be learned from Monopoly?  After some discussion this morning, your CashNetUSA teammates put together some real life lessoned learned from Monopoly!

  • Emergency Fund – Holding onto a couple hundred dollars for a “rainy (Monopoly) day” can make a difference between winning or losing.  Having an in life during these rough economic times is important for yourself, your family, and your job.
  • Additional Income – Another key to winning Monopoly is having an additional, and passive, income.  Such as collecting rent.  In life, financial security comes with a cushion generated outside of your day-to-day job. Additional, passive, income is making your money work for you.  Put it to work through investments.
  • Lady Luck – Monopoly, just like life, can be very cruel.  You can quickly go from wealthy and carefree, to jobless and stressed out.  Throughout our lifetime, we all receive financial windfalls, like , or an inheritance.  Use this luck to your advantage and invest it, don’t spend it!
  • Out of Sight – Do you ever put some Monopoly money you earn under the board, or behind you, just so you cannot see, or spend, it?  Much like we mentioned in a previous post, you can’t spend money that was never there.  Set up savings accounts that .  Out of sight, out of mind, peace of mind.

Your family reminds you that life can mirror art… Or in this case, popular board games.  Life is harsh, learn financial lessons anywhere you can.  If life every throws you an unexpected financial hardship, your CashnetUSA team is always here to help you out with a short term, online, .  Think of us as a helpful Monopoly Bank.


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