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Short Sale Procedure Should Produce A Relationship Between Home Owner And Real Estate Professional

Wednesday, June 2nd, 2010

There were a lot of quality responses to yesterday’s video regarding not taking no for an answer. Now that we have explained that to you in the negotiation side of the transaction, we’ll take a look at this from a diverse perspective. Coach is going to clarify how advocacy truly begins at the very beginning of the short sale transaction.

Back when Coach and Fred and Kevin were beginning their short sale operation, they realized that they wanted to get a system together. With a system that is firm and tidy with little waste, you can come from a position of authority. Your clientele are watching the local news or the national gossip and they are receiving all kinds of half truths. With a specific system in place, you can communicate the specifics of a short sale process to the customer. When a client comes to Group 4610, they can see exactly what to expect and precisely what happens in a short sale operation.

With the established results and the clear and crisp system, the client can make an educated conclusion. Presenting the reality to a distressed home owner, they will be able to understand the concept and can be confident in Group 4610’s ability to be successful.

The house owner becomes accountable to the method also since they understand the pieces of the process that they have to take care of. The most potent piece of this idea is that a bond is formed between the house owner and the real estate broker. This procedure is a two way street.

For more on the system that Kevin and Fred use to fruitfully close more than 90% of their short sale listings you can see them in person. They will be in Florida, Baltimore, Northern California, Washington DC, and they are also hosting an online webinar.

Get powered up by Kevin and Fred at

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