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Could you live in an airstream without any closets?

Wednesday, February 16th, 2011

Way back when we were fighting foreclosure we fantasized about selling everything and moving into an Airstream. I even blogged about it ().

I figured if we’re downsizing, let’s really downsize. And why not be mobile too. Travel the U.S. Do something bold that we’d never do otherwise.

Having packed up our belongings and moved several times now since then…

L.A. to Chicago (July 2009)
Chicago to Friday Harbor, WA (October 2009)
Friday Harbor, WA back to Chicago (August 2010)

…I can say we still have way more stuff than would ever fit in an Airstream trailer.

To live in an airstream, it would seem, would require either a large storage locker or a monk-like dedication to minimalism. I just don’t think it’s for me. However, I still wonder.

And then I come across articles like about a landscape architect who turned a vintage Airstream trailer into a stylish home and I’m convinced it’s not for us. Perhaps as a single person I could have made this work. But for a family of 4 (yes, I’m including the Pug) it would be a recipe for daily Jerry Springer episodes come to life.

Don’t get me wrong. We love being together. All. The. Time. For real. But there’s a difference between being together and living on top of each other.

Seriously, click the link to see the slideshow of his trailer. Stylish, yes. Tiny, indeed. So tiny. I admire the person who requires such a small space and who has such dedication to minimalism. But spaces that small, I’m convinced, were not made for a marriage. And a baby. Except for the weekend getaway. Yes. That I could do.

What about you? Could you do it?
Could you live and be happy in a stylish Airstream trailer?

If not now, was there ever a time you could have?

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