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A Short Sale Is A Viable Choice Throughout A Divorce

Sunday, December 4th, 2011

Hello, I am Jason Zweigle right here with We’re considered one of California’s premiere short sale teams. Today we will be talking about a hardship, specifically divorce. Clearly divorce is a very troublesome scenario that individuals sadly go through most of the time, particularly once they’re enduring financial hardship. We do get a whole lot of folks that call us and say they are going through a divorce but they don’t know what to do with their house. Neither of them needs the home, they only need out. In a troublesome scenario such as divorce, a short sale can sometimes eliminate one of the biggest complications of a divorce and that’s what to do with the house. A lot of instances in a divorce neither the husband nor the spouse needs to maintain the home. Also in today’s market, most of the houses are upside down anyway.

A short sale is a really good answer to aide an amicable divorce getting rid of an asset that’s undervalued and underwater. Basically we work with both the husband and wife individually, independently of one another, gathering monetary information and submit it to the bank. Even if combined the financial institution looks at your monetary scenario and sees which you can afford the mortgage, divorce is a legitimate hardship and the financial institution will automatically comply with a short sale. We’re here to assist you and make this transition simpler for you.

We may also help deal with one of the largest issues in the divorce and that is what to do with the home. There is not any motive to let your home go to foreclosure just because you’re going through a divorce. There is not any longer a deficiency in California while you do a short sale so you will not owe any money. You’ll be able to probably get paid cash from the financial institution to do a short sale. So there are a lot more benefits to doing a short sale over a foreclosure.

If in case you have any questions about this troublesome scenario, be happy to offer me a call on the 800 quantity located on the website, or fill out the form beneath and there’s a great free obtain that will provide you with much more details about short sales. We’re, considered one of California’s premiere short sale teams and we look ahead to hearing from you. Thanks a lot and have an excellent day.

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