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Connection Between Short Sales And Bankruptcy

Saturday, June 23rd, 2012

While most of us expend a large amount of time discussing foreclosures, we forget to take under consideration the property owner may also be filing for bankruptcy at the same time. An important question asked is, which comes first? Is foreclosure the reason behind bankruptcy, or is it bankruptcy that leads to foreclosure? To contribute to the complexities, a new phrase has been added, and that is short sales. In 2008, the government had resorted to loan alterations to bail folks out.

Nevertheless, this was a total flop, being that only 4% of home owners were able to fill out an application for it. With no alternatives, lenders allowed home owners to sell their properties at a lower price than what they really owed. This kept the debtors from the intricacies of foreclosure, and saved the bank’s time from legal red tape techniques. This helped a bit.

For most homeowners who are striving a lot to keep up, making a bankruptcy filing is pertinent. For a lot of them, there aren’t any interested purchasers that wish to offer the full value of the home, which may ultimately lead to . Thus, those who have already filed for a bankruptcy, this concept is indeterminate. If they do this, they will be harassed with a number of other legal issues after filing for their bankruptcy.

Short sales will cause your credit score to take a blow. On top of that, you are responsible for a 1099C, a taxable event that is more of a self-imposed burden. Last but not least, all the time that you have dedicated will be for nada. The prize will be for the person that actually takes over your property.

So protect yourself from all of the headaches, and refrain from a foreclosure problem along with your bankruptcy filing. Make the world a little more simple.

, founder and Manager of , spends a large amount of his time aiding people impacted by the present debt and housing emergency.

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Essential Details About The Mortgage Forgiveness Act And The Small Amount Of Time Left

Thursday, April 26th, 2012

Hello, I am John Sellers right here with, considered one of southern Oregon’s premiere short sale teams. The mortgage forgiveness act of 2007 is due to run out at the end of 2012. What that means is there has been a grace period since 2007 that if you let your home go to foreclosure or complete a short sale, what happens is the distinction between what you owe and what was forgiven will not be required to pay taxes on this amount. So for example you owed $300,000 they forgave $100,000 so it seems like you’ve got an revenue of $100,000 and you’d usually have to pay taxes on that amount.

That has not been the case since 2007 because of the mortgage debt forgiveness act, nevertheless that is set to run out on the end of this year, 2012. My personal opinion is they are going to lengthen it, but I wouldn’t rely on that.

So in case you are on the fence right now of whether it is best to short sell your property or let it go to foreclosure, it’s essential make a decision on it now. It is the early a part of March, and we have to talk to see the way it might give you the results you want and what your options are. Once more, we’d be pleased to speak to you about your situation. We will do it over the telephone or in person. Again, I’m John Sellers right here with, one of southern Oregon’s premiere short sale teams and we’re here to help. Please give us a call at present at 541-646-5859 or drop me an email. Thank you so much.

For more information on short sales and how to avoid foreclosure, or you can also and get started today.

The act is administered on six national test dates in september, october, december, february, april, and june within the 50 united states and the district of columbia