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Head to Head: Home Price Index vs. Housing Affordability Index

Friday, March 9th, 2012

Compare these two headlines: Case-Shiller Home Price Index Ends 2011 With New Lows (February 28, 2012) * Home Affordability Index Hits Record High (March 7, 2011) ** Throughout the housing crisis, the headlines have focused on the precipitous fall of prices and the resulting plight of homeowners who are underwater. There is no doubt that [...] Write an answer that gives specific information about your what is the definition of homework background or your experience that illustrates how you are a good fit for the school

The Foreclosure Report – September 2011

Tuesday, October 11th, 2011

After Big Jump in August, Foreclosure Starts Fall Again

After a significant jump in foreclosure starts in August, driven primarily by Bank of America, foreclosure starts returned to levels in line with prior months, far below the numbers reached at the peak.  California has seen a drop in activity of 56 percent since its peak, from 58,623 Notice of Default filings in March of 2009 to 25,778 today.  Arizona shows a similar swing in Notice of Trustee Sale filings, from 14,722 in March of 2009 to 5,982 filings last month – a decrease of 59.4 percent.  Washington shows the greatest decrease of all, with 71.5 percent less Notice of Trustee Sale filings today than at their peak in June of 2009.

Foreclosure sales were mixed this month, with declines in Arizona, California and Nevada, while Oregon and Washington both showed increases.  Despite the declines, the percentage purchased by third parties, typically investors, was at or near peak levels.  In California, third parties made up a record 27.4 percent of all sales last month. In Arizona, that number was even higher at 38.3 percent, also a record.  Nevada was just shy of their record, set in August at 29.1 percent.  Sales to third parties was up Washington was up 15.6 percent, a record for this year.  Oregon was the only state to to show a decrease, down from 15.5 percent in July to 6.0 percent today.

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