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equal opportunity prejudice!

Tuesday, March 2nd, 2010

americanFlag3The letter to the FBI (way down there) comes from a group digging into the foreclosure crises, all of whom are finding absolute non-cooperation by lenders, no matter what the background, ethnic group, income level, hair color, married or single, kids or sans kids, sexual preference, West Coast or East Coast denizen, etc.

It doesn’t matter whether you have a job or not — you either make too much for a loan modification or too little or it’s stated income and lenders will discount a percentage (as though a “real” job were more secure during these days of massive layoffs).

A portion of a friend’s income is through rental of two rooms; Wachovia decided they wouldn’t count all of it because rental income is not stable. Really? Her renters have been in her home for many years, the rent is reasonable, they all get along well. Where might they go?

Americans across the board are getting shafted in the current drill being exercised by mortgage lenders.

It is a fascinating time: In my 60+ years, I’ve never seen equal prejudice . . . There’s generally a “selection” process relating to skin color, height, race, income level, drug use . . . or some guy whose wife hates him decided he hates all women who resemble her. When I first moved to Marin County, California, it was reserved for the car you drive, i.e. foreign vs. domestic (domestic was declasse).

Noahs Ark from Voice of the Revolution.Mortgage companies have managed to level the playing field across this country; it doesn’t matter who you are, how tall you are, what color your eyes are, they are NOT going to cooperate. As every cloud has a silver lining, so does this one: We can all finally acknowledge that we ARE in the same boat; if we work together we can beat them back; perhaps this is the lesson here.

It IS fascinating!

The group I’m working with have noticed that Wells Fargo bundled and sold defaulted loans to HSBC. Wells Fargo and HSBC have agreements on a commercial level: Wells Fargo HSBC Trade Bank. They are in bed together:

The Wells Fargo HSBC Trade Bank is the only nationally chartered bank in the U.S. exclusively devoted to international trade . . . (per PR Newswire)

HSBC is not owned out of China, as many seem to think (due to its original name of HongKong Shanghai Bank of China; that was started by a Scotsman and had something to do with opium wars). HSBC is an English bank and “HSBC” has been all too frequently in the same paragraph as the words “money laundering”:

  • Reuters (a reputable media company) reported, on February 17, 2010, that HSBC is accused of assisting in money laundering;
  • HSBC is being questioned in Ireland in connection with Bernard (Bernie) Madoff schemes (and for those of you residing in Ireland reading this, please take into consideration that Wells Fargo is trying to open banks in Ireland . . . trust me, you DO NOT want that bank in Ireland;
  • HSBCHSBC is accusing an employee of stealing client data and selling it to French authorities (from the “Office of Inadequate Security” . . . don’t you love the internet?);
  • HSBC, Europe’s largest banking institution “created” dummy corporations to avoid one billion dollars offshore tax evasion . . . which is considered by the FBI to be Britain’s longest running organized criminal conspiracy and corruption case. FBI Interpol and Scotland Yard are investigating this one!;
  • The chairman of HSBC is implicated in the above-mentioned “major criminal conspiracy case.”

When the City of Baltimore sued Wells Fargo Bank in 2009, HSBC was mentioned along with them in various news stories.

March 14, 2009, L.A. Times, E. Scott Reckard
The NAACP sued subsidiaries of two major banks Friday for allegedly steering African American borrowers unfairly into costly subprime mortgages. The suits — against Wells Fargo Bank and Wells Fargo Home Mortgage Inc., owned by Wells Fargo & Co., and against HSBC Mortgage Corp. (USA) and HSBC Bank USA, owned by HSBC Holdings — arrive at a time when the housing crisis and soaring unemployment already are causing disproportionate harm in black neighborhoods, leaders of the rights group said.

How does any of this affect you? Check the sales pattern of your home loan (if you can find it).

If you have a Wells Fargo loan, we can almost guarantee that somewhere along the line it was sold to HSBC. When I asked Wells Fargo about the location of my note (which WAS sold to HSBC per the County Recorder in mid-2009 even though Wells Fargo denied that transfer), Wells “assured” me that they are the holders of my note. IF they are, it would only be because of questions I am asking about HSBC and their “sales pattern.”

The FBI may be our best hope. Apparently, they bow to no one. God Bless ‘em. And if you were passed through HSBC, I think it’s worth contacting Scotland Yard. (Oh, God, I’m starting to sound like group members Gregory and Kraig . . . but our group has learned a LOT from them and we have saved 26 homes to date! — well, some are pending, but they are not gone yet).

So, if there is a mortgage broker or financier out there, woudl you kindly inform us of the pattern? Banks lend on the homes, bundle and sell them at discount to a lender that bundles and sells at discount to a lender . . .

Who takes the hit for the loss when they are sold at discount? My guess is that it gets back to taxpayer dollars.

Evidence of bank errors.If you are in the midst of dealing with these duplicitous lenders, try contacting the FBI with the following, which is from one of my committee members (the full PDFs of this will follow in a week or so). You have absolutely NOTHING to lose by calling their cards, and given that many of us have 10-12 pages of notes about their mistakes, lies in court, and incompetencies, you stand to win; sadly, they do not know what they are doing and they WILL be the demise of America if left unchecked. So check them:

Mortgage Company Name
Your Property Address
Account Number


This is Constructive Notice to you that I have discovered extensive fraud in regard to the mortgage and transactions associated with it on certain real property as noted below. It has come to my attention that you are involved in selling my promissory note without my knowledge, to finance the alleged loan. I have also discovered that COUNTERFEITING and CONSPIRACY TO DEFRAUD were committed during and since my real estate settlement, during the purchase of the above mentioned property; documented fraud has occurred.

This is your Constructive Notice that evidence in this matter will be personally delivered to the FBI and SECRET SERVICE, for investigation and prosecution, resulting from violations of Federal Law including, but not limited to, COUNTERFEITING and CONSPIRACY TO DEFRAUD if you refuse to accomodate. Information, including your identity, and what appears to be your participation in these violations of Federal Law, will be provided to additional Federal Agencies, and local authorities, for investigation and prosecution as well. Whether complaints are filed is your decision. It is based on your response to this serious notice.

If you were not previously aware of the above mentioned fraudulent and criminal activity, and may be an innocent party in this matter, I would urge your utmost cooperation with the notice demands as well as ceasing all activities relating to the ongoing fraudulent action. If, however, you would choose to move forward in any manner and participate in any way in the attempt to initiate foreclosure action at any time, you will demonstrate your complicity and willingness to be a party to the COUNTERFEITING and CONSPIRACY TO DEFRAUD. You have been noticed and will become subject to potential criminal prosecution and civil litigation for varying damages, if you fail to meet each demand.

You have hereby been lawfully noticed of this fraud and your involvement, whether knowingly or unknowingly, and you therefore may make no future claim of a lack of knowledge of these criminal activities, and your participation therein, which could absolve you of liability or culpability. If ignored, it is my intent to pursue any and all legal remedies against any and all participants regarding these fraudulent acts as necessary. The bonding companies of those involved will be notified of claims regarding any civil matters. Conduct yourself accordingly.


This is but one part of a substantial nationwide investigation, by law enforcement, of the mortgage industry and the complicit fraud therein. This is a very real and serious matter that is being, and will be, pursued with all those who are identified as being complicit in any fraud being prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and civil action taken to recover varying damages as necessary.

In order to avoid preventable actions taken against you, you must comply with the following and provide evidence of the same to me within thirty (30) days:

1. Provide a full “Satisfaction of Mortgage”, filed with the Recorder of Deeds.

2. File a full re-conveyance of the property with the Recorder of Deeds, conveying full rights and title.

3. Release any and all liens in all public records.

4. Refund all profits associated in full.

If you refuse to cease all further pretense that you lawfully hold a claim to my property, you will be charged, investigated and convicted of each of the aforementioned crimes committed. Immediately after your refusal to cease is confirmed, complaints will be filed with the FBI, SECRET SERVICE, the UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT and the CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION DIVISION of the INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE.

It is in your best interest at this juncture to cease all forms of criminal activity and to accommodate immediately. If you for any reason do not complete processing the above demands, all complaints will be filed immediately, as warned. Prior to all litigation, your counsel must provide evidence first of holding a license to practice law, issued by the Secretary of State where the property is located.

Thank you very much for your prompt, righteous response and resolution of this urgent matter.


I’m equally fascinated by how desperate these lenders are? Is money truly so important? The Bible has it that “the LOVE of money is the root of all evil” . . . money itself is not. It’s why you want it and what you do with it.

I cannot help but feel sorry for the trap these major lenders are in, and I can guarantee you that my life, for one, has been far more interesting and informative than anyone who lives only for the Almightly Dollar.

This is only one part, and there are short answer questions in other parts of the application that answer some of the things that are traditionally in essays