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Actual Foreclosure Relief, the Short Sale

Tuesday, March 30th, 2010

If you discover yourself being one of the millions of people that are in search of foreclosure relief, you need to completely understand the situation that you and your bank are in.  There are several rumors in Scottsdale, Arizona about the banks intentions with regards to foreclosure of your home.  Amongst the most widespread legends, one that is entirely inaccurate, is that the bank wants your house.  The truth of the matter is, the bank wants to give you foreclosure assistance.  Why? Simply stated, the lender is in the commerce of money, not in the business of real estate. 
There goal, as it was when they first contracted to loan you money, is to regain that money WITH INTEREST.  So, foreclosure relief is something that the bank is interested in also.  Regrettably, they do not have the funds to relief you find foreclosure help. Choosing to ignore the bank is certainly the farthest you can get from finding foreclosure help. 
Another commonly mentioned idea is that the bank in Scottsdale, AZ will not take your money after a certain amount of time will pass.  Yet again, the bank wants you to get foreclosure help, but they also want your money.   While they would prefer that you pay one lump sum to bring your loan current, there are quite a few noted situations where they can offer you foreclosure assistance by modifying your loan conditions to make payments more appropriate for you existing economic state.  Still, if they think that it is in their best gain to not give you foreclosure help, and merely foreclose on your home, they understand that they can recover money by selling your house after foreclosure. 
Some people assume that the best foreclosure assistance is to file for bankruptcy.  Whilst this can offer some foreclosure relief, it normally only freezes the foreclosure procedure for a period of time.  During that period you can search out another way of foreclosure relief. 
Perhaps the finest foreclosure relief obtainable to you is the short sale.  With a short sale, you get foreclosure help by avoiding foreclosure all together.  In the short sale method, you place your home on the marketplace and get an offer in hand.  Then, with offer in hand, you go to the lender and describe to them that the home is only worth the value of the proposal.  Since the value of homes has radically decreased over the past several months, chances are that the new offer will not cover the present loan balance.  However, the lender will be inclined to agree to the offer and forgive your remainder of the balance because they understand that they will not get nearly as much money if they have to foreclose on the home and sell it in foreclosure. 
The short sale is the finest option available to anyone that is looking for foreclosure help.  It gives the lender the most of what they want, money. Also, it keeps you from having to go through foreclosure.

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