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Foreclosure Assistance, The Lender’s Big Secret

Monday, April 19th, 2010

There are a lot of families in Phoenix, AZ that are discovering themselves in a economic hardship and in serious danger of losing their house to foreclosure.  The bad news is growing everywhere.  Unemployment is on the rise in Phoenix, Arizona. Land values are declining.  Foreclosures are up. On time payments are down.  It all seems to be going wrong. So, what can you do to find foreclosure aid. 
With respect to losing your home, you need to know where you can get foreclosure aid, and what choices are available to you. Your mortgage bank will not tell you about the thirty or more choices obtainable to give you foreclosure assistance and keep your home.  Yet, they are ready to work with you if you know what your choices for foreclosure aid are.
Some estimates state that more than 90 percent of people that are facing foreclosure could avoid it if they just know where to find foreclosure aid.  For this reason, it is essentially key that you know the foreclosure aid options accessible to you.
Here are just a few foreclosure help options to reflect on:
Forbearance agreement for foreclosure relief – a great alternative for those that are near the end of their economic troubles (which is not many of you) It lets you get your mortgage current with a payment plan
Deed in Lieu for Foreclosure – If you won’t be able to catch up on your payments, this foreclosure relief choice can be good for you. It is better for you credit score than foreclosure and the lender likes it because it saves them money.
Short Sale – Using the short sale as foreclosure assistance Genuinely HELPS.  For those that are in a rough state of affairs and can not afford the home they live in, the short sale is the best alternative for the lender and the house owner. With a short sale as foreclosure assistance, you can find a real estate professional that deals in short sales (there are not many around that are professionals at it) and have them put your house on the real estate market.  Wait for an offer (there will be offers, because investors are gobbling up short sale homes rapidly) Then take the offer to the bank with the proposal that they should agree to the bid, despite the fact that it is not enough to pay off your mortgage.  You also want them to excuse the remaining balance of the loan.  THAT’S RIGHT, they will pardon the residual balance.  Lenders do this because they want to dodge foreclosure just as much as you do.  You need to know what they already know.  The bid that you bring them will almost surely be more than the money they get from selling your house at foreclosure sale.  With the legal hassle and fees that come along with foreclosure, lenders also recognize the cost savings of agreeing to use a short sale as foreclosure help.  
These are just a few of the foreclosure help options obtainable to you.  The short sale is absolutely the best choice for most people. Nevertheless, many just do not know about it.  Contact a real estate expert today about the use of a short sale as foreclosure aid. 

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