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Finishing An Arizona State Credit Union Short Sale With Group 46:10

Saturday, December 10th, 2011

Howdy and welcome, my name is Fred Weaver and that is Kevin Kauffman. We’re Group 46:10, one of the nation’s leading short sale teams. We’re here to talk to you today about credit unions, particularly Arizona State Credit Union. We want to speak about them as a result of we really know some people in higher administration and we’ve had the chance to talk with them. They need to do a short sale earlier than they foreclose. They’re always wanting to be able to help the home-owner out in addition to help themselves out by mitigating probably the most amount of loss.

Foreclosures cost the banks money and it is no different for a credit union. If you let your home go to foreclosures, the bank or credit union loses essentially the most amount of money possible. Arizona State Credit Union is devoted to helping out you, the buyer, and probably their member; complete a short sale versus just letting a home foreclose. This way you win, they win, you’ll be able to exit the property respectfully, and they can save a couple {dollars} and everyone wins in the end.

If you’ve received a loan with Arizona State Credit Union and you’re simply not sure what to do, contact us today. You possibly can either fill out the form otherwise you can give us a call. Our number is 480-449-6642, or once more there’s a form right here on the website which you could fill out and call us. We’re Group 46:10, certainly one of the nation’s main short sale teams and we would love to be able to discuss to you about this and help you get heading in the right direction to financial recovery. Thanks and have an awesome day.

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