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Is It Troublesome To Work With Desert Schools Credit Union On Finishing A Short Sale?

Thursday, February 23rd, 2012

Hello, my name is Kevin Kauffman, I am with Keller Williams and Group 46:10, certainly one of the nation’s main real estate teams specializing in short sales. I’m here to talk to you today about Desert Schools Federal Credit Union. I get about 2 or three calls a week from individuals similar to your self who’ve been doing research on Desert Schools Federal Credit Union and whether or not they will do a short sale with them. I got to inform you, Desert Schools has been tough to work with. Over the years we have now worked with them so many occasions that we now have been capable of construct some relationships there and understand their process so we are able to better serve our clients and their members.

Many individuals come to us because they have heard that it’s tough to work with Desert Schools Federal Credit Union and you know what, that could be true for many people. I imagine that we perceive their process now and we know the way to best set up our clients for success in a short sale with Desert Schools Federal Credit Union.

So, if that is you and you have a loan with Desert Schools Federal Credit Union, and you want to talk to someone who has got the experience, then give us a call. We’ve handled them a number of instances and we’re certain that we will assist you. We have got an almost ninety% success rate, we have closed over 500 short sales now in the last four years. Once more, I am with Group 46:10, the nation’s leading short sale teams. Give us a call. You may reach us at 480-449-6642 or simply fill out a form here on the web site at We’ll speak to you soon.

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Think Quick, The Short Sale Tax Program Is Expiring In The Subsequent Yr

Monday, February 6th, 2012

Have you ever questioned if you would need to pay taxes if you have been to short sale your own home? Have you perhaps talked to a CPA or a neighbor or a relative or member of the family that mentioned when you do a short sale or let your house go to foreclosures, you might be accountable for the taxes?

Well, my name is Fred Weaver and this is Kevin Kauffman and we run certainly one of the nation’s main short sale teams referred to as Group 46:10. Right now we want to shed some light; we want to expose the myths from the truths on this tax conversation. Here’s the number one factor that I want to drive home today. It is one thing referred to as the mortgage debt relief forgiveness act. It’s truly about to run out at the end of 2012. The reason that’s essential to you is because for those who’ve been wondering about paying taxes on a short sale, it’s doable that you simply won’t must pay taxes under the mortgage debt relief forgiveness act. The key factor is that this expires on the end of 2012, which means that because it sits right now in the event you do a short sale and also you close your transaction by December 2012, you’re good to go. If it’s your primary residence with just some other minor indicators to be sure you qualify, you will not need to pay any taxes to the government. In the event you close that transaction only a month later in January 2013, as it stands right now you will be paying taxes on the amount of debt forgiven by the lender.

We’re not right here to force you into making a decision, we’re putting this video out so you may have good info in your hands that you should use to make a well informed decision. So when you’re on the fence questioning about doing a short sale transaction or letting your own home go to foreclosure, you are going to want to make that decision earlier than the end of 2012 and in fact, you are going to wish to make it early in 2012 or late in 2011. You’re not going to run up towards a deadline and put yourself in a bad situation.

Give us a call at present at 480-449-6642 and allow us to explain more concerning the debt relief forgiveness act and give you a direct link with the IRS website. We are able to even put you in touch with some of our greatest CPAs that we work with to allow them to discuss with you more about this. We’re right here to help; we wish to be a resource so please contact us today. We’re Group 46:10, considered one of the nation’s leading short sale teams and we’re looking ahead to speaking with you soon.

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