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Dispelling The Fable That A Short Sale Will Take Eternally To Close

Saturday, October 15th, 2011

Good day this is Kerri Naslund from the Bay Area Short Sale Angels, Northern California’s number one short sale team, thanks for joining me. At the moment I wished to talk about how long a short sale will take to close and what to anticipate during the process. Typically occasions when meeting with a new client one among their massive issues is how lengthy their file will take to get approved. I’m not positive the place it orginated but there’s a short sale myth floating around :k1: that short sales take forever to get approved. This is simply not true. Sure there are short sale horror stories of listings taking eight to ten months to close however with the Short Sale Angels we work our tails offs to get you approval fast. A normal short sale within the Bay Area for our workforce takes thirty five to forty five days because of aggressive pricing and a time tested strategy that attracts consumers in a short amount of time. On average, it takes roughly [two] weeks to discover a stable bid that meets our asking price and from there it simply requires some paperwork and a thumbs up from your lender. My shortest sale to date only took twenty days and I am all the time working to break that record with the following client I take on. This is Kerri from the Bay Area Short Sale Angels, Northern California’s number one short sale group, the place we believe there is nothing worse than doing nothing. Thanks on your time and have a wonderful day.

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