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Did Someone Say We Couldn’t?

Saturday, July 17th, 2010

Today is once again Mindset Monday. We make out that there are some home owners and short sale realtors out there watching today. So, we would like to talk about the outback mindset today. We also have some magnificent prior episodes on about the outback mentality.

Our focus today is around page 91 of the Red Book. Being able to think tactically is significant. You need to distinguise between the rules of how you play the game and strategies of how you succeed. In real estate the guidelines do not relate to money at all. The guidelines in real estate are about conduct, ethics, and procedure. There is no proposition that you should break the guidelines. As a matter of fact, guidelines are about self-control and you should play by them. Nevertheless, strategy is usually found in the grey area of the rules.

How many times have you heard the phrase, “Can we do that?” The outback mindset response to that inquiry is “Did somebody say we couldn’t?” Just mulling over the possibilities out there will enlarge your mindset.

Making an assumption that you can not do something only stops your thinking. Nonetheless, if you think about all of the possibilities in working a short sale situation, your thinking is expanded. Then, with all of those possibilities, you can weed out the ones that break the rules and you will still be left with endless possibilities on how to solve your dilemma.

When you think strategically the possibilities that rest ahead of you are endless as long as you try anything and everything that nobody has said you can not do. To replicate, when you think tactically the possibilities that remain ahead of you are never-ending as long as you try anything and everything that nobody has said you can not do.

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