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Atlanta Foreclosures Have Reached A Record High

Thursday, May 31st, 2012

Based on RealtyTrac, Georgia has one of many top foreclosure rates in the nation, as well as is rated as the 4th worst state in the country when it comes to how many foreclosures occurred in 2011. Actually, while many other cities and states observed a small reduction in the quantity of foreclosures in the year 2011, Atlanta, Georgia observed a 1% increase.

For most people, this really is incredibly not so good news. No one wants to lose their house and it’s an indicator that the economy isn’t recovering like everyone has hoped that it would. For a lot of, nonetheless, there’s some great news. Those people are the ones that prefer to invest in Atlanta foreclosures.

Atlanta foreclosures are a great selection for those people who are interested in making a long term investment. Even though cities like Atlanta have been hit hard by the poor economy, it is really an area that is noted for its business as well as commerce. As such, once the economy recovers, same goes with the Atlanta region, and those people who had the foresight to invest in Atlanta real estate will discover that they have property that has some great value. It is just going to take some time before the rise in property prices happen.

Something that you do need to consider if you are thinking about investing in Atlanta foreclosures is the fact that Georgia has a very high rate of distressed foreclosure houses. This means that these properties have been abused or vandalized. You do have to be prepared to spend money on improving the property if you would like your investment to pay off in a few years. If you are considering purchasing homes in foreclosure as well as renting these to renters, then you’re going to need to improve the property eventually.

If you are looking for any great source for Atlanta foreclosures, you’ll find that there are many places that you may look online. It’s not necessary to pay for this info, therefore avoid sources that claim you should pay a membership charge or finders fee. Look for a free service that lists all of the foreclosures that you are interested in through a single database.

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