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49 Of the Worst Bosses Ever and Some Advice in Dealing with Them

Tuesday, June 22nd, 2010

Sometimes it can be hard having a job because of the stress. Usually the stress is from the job itself, but actually most of the time the stress is from the nasty bosses that may be running the position. Not everyone has the perfect job, but at the same time not everyone should go through depression because of the people they work with.

Below are some stories and guides about how anyone can deal with a mean boss.  Some of the stories lead to some advice that has been given to others in such a case that many other people could use also.

  1. : This blog contains a full list of the worst bosses ever of 2009 and the reasons why they were given that title.
  2. : This blog, in general, is geared towards having a bad boss.  There are tons of information and even stories about having a bad boss.
  3. : A blog mainly about people detailing their experiences with their own bosses.
  4. : Mainly a post on how to deal with a bad boss and some tips on determining a bad boss.
  5. : Determine how to deal with a bad boss.  This site gives tips and even some techniques on how to deal with them.
  6. : A woman asks advice on how to deal with her boss who just happens to be a jerk and snaps off on everyone.
  7. : A person detailing on why their boss sucks while others are giving their opinions on what that person should’ve done.
  8. : A site with over 1200 articles and resources catered to how anyone can deal with horrible bosses. There are even stories with other people’s experiences on how they dealt with the wrath.
  9. :  Basically a generalization on how to classify your boss and what to do with that particular category in which they may fall in.
  10. : Discussion and also different stories about a boss bullying employees.
  11. : A question and answer post on what to file when you’re harassed by your boss.
  12. : A post about female bosses (mainly in Jamaica) harassing the workers.
  13. A post made specifically in determining whether you can learn from the good or the bad boss.  Surprisingly, there are actually pros and cons to both options.
  14. : Advice given on what to do when you’re hated by the boss and have an upcoming appraisal.
  15. :  A list of five behaviors that consists of what a bad boss would mostly be like. Surprisingly, it is actually pretty accurate.
  16. :  Stories submitted from different people detailing their events with their jobs and current work status.
  17. : A blog post by the owner of the site, Suresh Krishna, stating his experiences in how a bad boss actually got him to quit his job.
  18. : A post made by Leigh Thompson stating how fearful the workplace can actually be.  Some other experts have actually incorporated their own statements within this posting.
  19. A site dedicated to bad bosses and how to deal with them and even take further precautionary measures with them.
  20. : Discover the tactics by bosses in which they use to bully employees.
  21. : A great explanation on how anyone can deal with a bullying boss within the workplace and not feel threatened.
  22. :  Read how one person got demoted because of their boss’ beliefs and the advice that had received from it.
  23. : This is actually a story (or post) by a woman named Tasha who was basically terrorized by her boss.  She has even noted that both her male and female co-workers were terrorized too.
  24. : Mainly a blog post on some news of how a boss embezzled roughly $300,000 for prostitutes and luxury things.
  25. : Details from the blog owner, Jacob explaining about his worst boss ever.
  26. : An article placed on the site explaining how anyone can spot a bad boss.
  27. :  An interesting post giving tips on how anyone can not only survive a bad boss, but may be able to stay on their job doing so.
  28. Great tidbits on what you would want to do (and keep in mind) if you hate your boss.
  29. :  An article discussing how many employers hate their bosses.  It even goes into depth about how it’s even sometimes the persons fault for it.
  30. :  A blog post from someone who has a female boss and how their experience has been pretty awful.
  31. : This is a blog in which a woman from the HR department helps others detail why people think the boss is always so mean.  She even helps people look at their own input.
  32. : Great posting on ways to determine whether the  boss has an attitude problem or not.
  33. : Post on the Modite site giving more ways on how anyone can deal with a bad boss.
  34. : This post will actually help anyone to see whether they are indeed a bad boss or not.  Even if not a boss at all, it makes for a great read.
  35. : This site has thousands of articles with some being more geared towards abusive bosses.
  36. : A detailed list of six things you can do to cope with the boss and still be able to keep the job.
  37. : A mini story with some thoughts on what to do when any boss attacks your self esteem.  There are even tips on who to go and so forth.
  38. : Sometimes it can be hard having to work with a very critical boss, even if sensitivity really isn’t an issue.  Learn on what you can do to overcome it.
  39. : Mainly a site that gives tips on leadership, with one particular posting focusing on a bosses attitude and how to adjust it.
  40. : An article mainly describing how anyone can survive the new boss.  The job may be satisfying, but that doesn’t mean the boss is the same way.
  41. : Basic tips on what to do and what not to do on dealing with your boss.
  42. : A blog post made by a guy who really detailed on why he had the worst boss in the world.
  43. : A blog post made by Evan Carmichael on how people can deal with the worst bosses possible.
  44. : A post on the people within different industries who actually do make the worst bosses.
  45. : Six guide tips on what to do with bad bosses.  The tips are even in depth on what causes bosses to become bad.
  46. : A guide from Phil Cooke on what anyone can do about their bosses in general.
  47. : A blog post about a woman’s boss saying inappropriate things.
  48. : A person seeking advice on what to do when the boss is making inappropriate remarks.
  49. : This is basically advice given to anyone whenever your boss ignores irate people rather than confronting them.

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