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Homeowners In Default Ought To Know The Foreclosure Timeline

Wednesday, February 15th, 2012

Foreclosure is a frightening situation for any house owner. Many alternative things occur in the foreclosure cycle and the banks actions are different dependent on the bank. There are a few things however that remain consistent when a property owner is going into foreclosure.

First, servicer will try to reach out to a house owner at the start of delinquency. It’s good practice for a bank, mortgage company or mortgage servicer to attempt to resolve any delinquency directly with the borrower before foreclosure. This is for lots of reasons specifically that it is less costly for the bank to work out loan issues with a borrower than to foreclose on the property. Federal guidelines also dictate particular responsibilities of banks including a “Hello Letter”. Banks have adapted to homeowners in foreclosure and hard-line collection efforts are now not the standard. A house owner going into foreclosure should talk with their lender to ascertain available options.

When a servicer has exhausted the possibilities to work with a owner to cure a delinquency, they can often begin the process of foreclosure. The servicer must follow state and local laws as they pertain to foreclosure. Each state has their own rules as it is related to how foreclosure can be filed, the timeline in which the process must take place and other rules like a mandatory redemption period. It’s a best practice for a homeowner who knows that foreclosure is eminent to educate themselves on the local and state rules as they apply to foreclosure. It is better for a borrower or former homeowner to grasp the laws and timelines then to be in the dark about the laws.

When the foreclosure is completed and the bank owns the property, the former owner must leave the property unless accommodations are made with the bank. Some lenders offer a relocation help program frequently referred to as “Cash for Keys”. These programs make allowances for a payment to the home-owner in return for possession being turned over to the bank in good condition. Banks will most likely retain a local real-estate agent or attorney to help them in regaining possession of the repossessed house. Once the property is vacated, it becomes REO. is an abbreviation for Real-estate Owned, commonly called bank owned properties that are bought by investors and homeowners.

When a homeowner is in foreclosure or if their earnings levels will no longer permit them to maintain their loan, it’s a smart idea to reach out directly to the bank and understand what options are available. Lenders must protect their investment in the in the dollars lent on thehome and will follow rules that are both internal and government mandated to do so. Understanding the method and speaking with the servicer will make the process of foreclosure more amenable to a borrower that may unavoidably lose their home to the foreclosure process.

Tom Webb is a local REO agent and works with property owners in default. More information can be found about and at

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Communicating With Bank Of America On Your Short Sale Will Be Speedy And Easy Together With Our Team

Wednesday, February 1st, 2012

Hello everybody my name is Matt Fetick with Sold By Short Sale, Delaware’s leading short sale specialist, thanks a lot for stopping by my blog today. My team and I specialize in short sales inside the Wilmington area and I update my blog every week with the intention to educate owners on their options for avoiding foreclosure. If my blog is useful right now please take a minute to browse all the other information on my website or contact me straight with a view to arrange a free consultation.

Today in my blog I wanted to talk about stopping a Bank of America foreclosures and a number of the advantages to you the homeowner. Being one of the largest mo:k1rtgage service firms within the nation Bank of America is in the news loads and thye are nice to work with on a short sale file. While Bank of America does offer lots of their prospects the option of a loan modification this usually only pushes a foreclosure further down the road. Our workforce understands how Bank of America works and we expect a short sale is in your best option. Bank of America uses a web based platform known as Equator in their short sale division that provides for a lot better communication and transparency while your file is being processed. Because our crew has a whole lot of short sale expertise with Bank of America we also have great relationships with their workers and the individuals who ultimately make the decision on your short sale file. It is a great benefit just in case we run in to any issues throughout the approval process. If you have any questions on your Bank of America underwater mortgage, or any other lender, please take a minute to browse my website or contact me directly to discuss your options. If you are behind on your mortgage within the Wilmington area our staff needs to help you avoid foreclosures today. Thanks for stopping by Sold By Short Sale and have a fantastic day.

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