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Encircle Yourself With A Winning Staff

Tuesday, April 13th, 2010

Today, welcomes John Davis to the  program. John is an owner in the Keller Williams family. Fred  and Kevin just got done taking a 2 day training program  with John about leading, motivating, and action training.  One of the keys to success in life is putting people  first.
One of the first things that you need to understand is  that companies are not made of brick and mortar, but they  are made of people. When you focus on taking care of the  people, the earnings will follow. If you prefer not to take  care of the people, you probably will not be victorious.
One of the things that John learned from Gary Keller was  basically that the job must get completed. As a manager, you want the  employee to get the job done, but if they do not it will  still get completed. The one thing that quite a lot of of the leaders  in the Keller Williams family share is a enthusiasm to  taking care of the people around them. Each of them have  achieved a huge deal of success, and they have also made  a great investment in the people around them.
One thing that needs to be done to create a excellent team  around you as a real estate professional is to match up the talent  with the job description. If you clearly define the job  description and what you need on your support staff, you  have a better likelihood of discovering a character that is a great  fit for your team.
Consider the traits of the person you need. The  behavior traits of the person that deals with short sales  are very particular. It takes someone with the correct  outlook to deal with lenders and negotiators on a day by day  basis. Keep in mind that hiring is a process, not an event.  Encircle yourself with the ones that can help make you  triumphant.

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