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A Valuable Innovative Program In Arizona Will Pay You To Short Sale

Monday, May 7th, 2012

Hello everybody my name is Kevin Kaufmann and I’m the co-founder of the nations leading short sale team, Group 4610. My business partner Fred Weaver and I are dedicated to helping Arizona homeowners avoid foreclosure and I use my weblog to provide precious data on your distressed property options. If you are behind on your mortgage, or have already looked in to doing a short sale, take a minute to browse my web site for extra information or contact me directly to discuss your real estate options.

For my blog at this time I wanted to discuss a new program known as Save Our Home Arizona and what it may imply for you. This nice new program was developed to help distressed property house owners in Arizona and may provide up to forty five hundred {dollars} just for doing a short sale. Money was offered to different states across the nation following the bank bailouts several years ago and this is how Arizona is utilizing theres. On top of that, the state of Arizona will actually work along with your lender to help get your short sale approved. In reality, through Save Our Home Arizona not only will you the house owner obtain a cash incentive but your lender and the buyer will as well.

So if you’re curious about the Save Our Home Arizona program and how chances are you’ll qualify give me a call or stop my web site right this moment to arrange a free consultation. Every householders situation is completely different and I want to provide help to get out from under your distressed property. Even if a short sale isn’t the best choice for you there are several completely different choices we will focus on to save lots of you money. Thank you for your time in the present day and I hope to hear from you soon at the nations leading short sale group, Group 4610.

For more information on short sales and how to avoid foreclosure, or you can also and get started today.

New Agreement May Help Bank Of America Clients Who Are Underwater

Tuesday, May 1st, 2012

Hello everybody Jesse Moore here with Pickett Street Properties, where we are redefining real estate in Seattle, thanks for testing my weblog today. Our team of short sale experts is dedicated to helping Seattle area homeowners avoid foreclosure and I use my blog to share my data on up to date Seattle short sale news. In case you are behind on your mortgage, or already contemplating a short sale, please stop by my web site or contact me at present to discuss your choices for avoid foreclosure.

For my blog immediately I wanted to go over the recent settlement involving Bank of America and the issue of robo-signing on some loans. We’re finally beginning to get more details and there are more lenders concerned than simply Bank of America. The five largest lenders within the nation have settled with the federal government and agreed to offer principal reductions as much as one hundred thousand dollars. There are some guidelines sadly and the most important one is that your loan cannot be owned by a government entity reminiscent of Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, or the FHA. This means out of all Bank of America mortgage holders may be twenty percent of them would qualify for this principal reduction. Hopefully there are a variety of Seattle owners in that twenty percent who have been not directly effected by this settlement. If you are currently underwater this settlement might help you out however a short sale may be your best choice in the long run.

This was a really brief clarification of the Bank of America settlement and you probably have any questions about it, or the short sale process, please give me a call or stop by our places of work today. Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you soon at Seattle’s leading short sale specialists at Pickett Street Properties.

For more information on short sales and how to avoid foreclosure, or you can also and get started today.

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