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Do You Want To Cease Foreclosures Right Now?

Saturday, June 9th, 2012

Hello, I am Matt Fetick with, Pennsylvania and Delaware’s main short sale specialists. If you need to cease foreclosures right now, we are able to help. If you’re headed towards foreclosure, should you’ve been served with a foreclosure notice, you’re in all probability afraid about what is going to happen. You’re probably scared concerning the foreclosure process and what it may do to your credit. Does it imply you will come home and be locked out of your house and what does that whole foreclosure process look like?

Well, let me let you know right now, we might help you. We may also help you get it stopped but you must call us. Let me explain to you the process. If you stop paying your mortgage and you get 90 days late, the bank has the right to go in and start the foreclosure proceedings. The first thing they will do is go to the courthouse and file a civil action claiming that you have defaulted on the note or the document that you simply signed agreeing to pay back the money that you simply borrowed. They’ll perfect the mortgage and take possession of the property back, sell it to allow them to reclaim the cash that they lent to you. After a time period they may meet with a judge at that time, the judge will determine when you’ve got paid your mortgage. If you have not been paying your mortgage, the judge is going to side together with your mortgage firm and they’re going to begin the process to permit it to be sold at sherrif’s sale.

The best news I can give you right now is that number one, it is a long process and it is going to take a while. Number two, there should not be any surprises. They’ve to come and put a notice on your own home with the hearing date and time. We even have lots of good data online. We will do numerous research for you and help you determine where you are in the process. Are you near a sherrif sale date, can we stop the sherrif sale? We can’t do it till you call us and I am going to inform you each day that you just get closer to foreclosure, the more durable it’s for us to stop it. We are able to cease foreclosures and we can cease it right now generally. I suppose there are circumstances where we could not however we can help you but it’s important to call us.

Once more, I’m Matt Fetick with, Pennsylvania and Delaware’s main short sale specialists and we’re right here to help. Visit our web site,, click for more information, give us a call and one of us will get right back to you. Let’s talk about your scenario and see how we may help you avoid foreclosure. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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