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Luxury Investors Find That Rent to Own Homes Cash Flow Best

Friday, May 16th, 2008


In a study put out by the Gershwin Group on Monday, investors with investment real estate were found to be utilizing over all other methods of long term holding as the fastest way to cash flow their investment properties.

The study highlighted the three methods of retaining properties for long term capital appreciation and their effectiveness:

- Renting
- Renting via government assistance ( Section 8 )
- Rent to own (lease option)

The study was backed by a 10+ year poll of independent investors that answered questions relating to their success or failure of each methodology.

Overall, renting to own a home lead the pack with 78% of respondents saying that the method was the most successful long-term. The effectiveness of renting to own was clearly beneficial over other methods because in most cases the monthly mortgage and related expenses were entirely covered. Only as few as 12% of the renters ended up actually excising their option to purchase and they were found to pay on average a staggering 17% higher than normal price for the home. To further compound the benefits, investors received larger down payments, $5,625 on average and properties were maintained better by the renters. Much of the improved maintenance stems from the renters hope of future ownership. 14% of tenants were found to improve properties on the order of at least $25,000.

Overall, we see the use of rent to own homes by savvy investors to increase. With foreclosures amplifying, the market for tenants will continue to grow. This is an excellent time to own rental property but smart investors will consider a rent to own option instead.

For sellers interested in renting to own you should see the following nationwide company, which provides free listings and a wealth of lease option information.

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