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Disgruntled Homeowners Foreclose on Bank of America

Wednesday, September 28th, 2011

A Naples, Florida {Bank of America} Branch received a surprising visit from 2 Sheriffs Deputies with a Warning of foreclosure earlier in the month, after the giant bank was negligent in paying back two {homeowners} for legal fees after being found guilty of illegally foreclosing on their home.

The couple, who had got their home with cash, had received notice that {Bank of America} was proceeding with a foreclosure. On receiving the notice the couple straight away employed a defense lawyer who was able to get the case upended in court, and also a judgement against {Bank of America} for reimbursing the legal costs the couple sustained.

After 5 exasperating months of not getting reimbursed for the judgement, the annoyed couple turned the tables on BOA, and foreclosed on their local {Bank of America} branch. Showing up with a Foreclosure notice, 2 deputies, their foreclosure defense lawyer, and a moving truck, it was fairly apparent that the couple meant business.

“This is sweet Justice.” said their foreclosure defense lawyer, who had successfully navigated the complex requirements to file a foreclosure against the bank. The unexpecting Bank of America branch in Naples, was caught completely off guard and a local news crew from WINK was there to catch the responses from all parties on film.

The movers came prepared to remove all furniture and whatever assets they could find at the bank. The bank executive, caught totally by surprise, managed to get a check from the behemoth establishment inside almost an hour. The {homeowners} were eventually repaid, although not without a black eye on Bank of Americas slow moving beauracracy that has seemed to plague the mortgage industry in the aftermath of the real estate collapse.

Ironically, it looked like that dept was the one which required the assistance!

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