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A personal finance tribute to last week’s BlogHer conference

Monday, August 9th, 2010

Personal finance female bloggersLast week’s BlogHer conference in New York City brought together hundreds of female bloggers, including those who write about personal finance – a topic we are particularly interested in. To honor the annual event, we decided to check in with a few of the BlogHer web site’s featured . This is what we found:

Susan Fowler of the blog shares on BlogHer’s website what it was like for her and her husband to get into $45,000 debt, and then dig themselves out of that debt by swapping a nice truck for a Geo Storm and refraining from eating out and browsing at the mall. “You start to enjoy the little things in life,” she writes.

Mary Ostyn of , who adopted six kids from Ethiopia and Korea and has four other children, talks about budgeting with flexibility and balance. She’s been watching for good deals on Craigslist  and yard sales to replace her microwave that recently broke down, and doesn’t plan on spending more than $25.

From the comes a rundown on “four funds to keep you financially fit,” such as a taxes fund and an emergency fund. Well-Heeled Blog is written by a 20-something who posts about budgeting and finance – as well as about her love for Argentine tango and shoes. “My mission is to save and invest for tomorrow but live life to the fullest today,” she writes on her blog.

Do you have a favorite female personal finance role model? If so, please tell us about her below – and stay tuned for upcoming details on a new LendingTree contest to recognize female personal finance role models.

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