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Who Ought To Do A Short Sale?

Saturday, March 19th, 2011

Are you thinking about who can do a short sale. There are lots of diverse people that may need to be doing a short sale in the Philadelphia market at the moment. If you have been watching the news broadcast or chatting to friends and relatives, I’m certain that you know that the value of Philadelphia properties have certainly gone down over the past few years. Regrettably, that has put many homeowners in a situation where they owe much more than their Philadelphia property is worth.

If you find yourself in this condition and you have to sell your home we can help. There are numerous reasons that you may need to sell your property.

  • Job Relocation
  • Employment Loss
  • Health need
  • Divorce
  • Decline in salary
  • Many other reasons

Whatever your reason is, a Philadelphia short sale might be the correct decision for you. There are other ways, but we’d like to chat expressly concerning short sales.

How carry out you meet the requirements for a short sale? We need to have a one on one meeting with you to look at your present situation. If you decide to move forward with a short sale, we act for you in negotiating with your lender. You don’t have to work with the bank at all. There will be a little bit of effort on your part to provide us with documentation, but it is well worth your time and effort. A short sale takes a little time to complete and it takes a great deal of ability on our part, but it is usually the best option for people in complicated situations.

Anybody who must sell and has a house that is worth a smaller amount than what is owed needs a short sale. Check out our blog and contact us today to see if you can be helped by a short sale.

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