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What Is Bankruptcy

Monday, July 23rd, 2012

For those unfamiliar with financial struggles, bankruptcy is often associated with irresponsible spending. This judgment often leads to the common misconception that those who file for bankruptcy deserve it. McFarlin LLP knows that this is often grossly inaccurate. Divorce, serious illness and other major personal problems can leave even the most prudent spender in dire straits. In this post, we’ll break down bankruptcy, because even though it’s a last resort, it should be the first thing you fully understand if confronted with major financial problems. Bankruptcy is a federal process by which consumers can eliminate or repay qualifying debt. If [...] The samsung galaxy s7, with its ip68 rating, is of course right alongside the iphone with no damage whatsoever

Business Bankruptcy in California | Small Business Bankruptcy Attorney

Sunday, May 20th, 2012

There are many different situations which can lead to a business bankruptcy filing including a reduction in revenues, loss of customer base, increased competition and increased business costs.  Small business owners know all too well that a slight disruption in revenues can have major ramifications if not managed carefully.  Of course in some cases, a business owner is left with no choice but to seek the protection of the bankruptcy court by filing a business bankruptcy. Business Bankruptcy Signals The first signs of trouble for a small business typically come in the form of a “bad month” in which business [...] Unlike the other apps I included, day-o doesn’t allow you direct access to your personal calendar