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Lender Deserves A Slap On The Back

Monday, June 7th, 2010

Here is a story for Forgettable Friday from Group 4610’s current chronicle. In fact, this story comes from earlier in the week. Caught up in a short sale with OneWestBank, a negotiator on the Group 4610 team was sent an approval letter that noted 5 percent commissions. Knowing that the specialists at Group 4610 do not accept 5 percent commissions, the negotiator from Group 4610 replied back to OneWestBank that we desired a revised approval note with six percent.

The negotiator on the team at OneWestBank replied by informing us that we were going to accept the 5 percent commission because he could have given us four percent and there was zero that we could do concerning it. So, essentially, he believed that we ought to be content with our five percent. When Kevin heard this, he became involved in the state of affairs.

After some quick investigation on a social networking website, Kevin found out that this lender negotiator was probably not representing himself in the way that his employer would be fond of. In addition, the bank negotiator took delight in the fact that he got paid for being a wanker.

Kevin brought all of this information to the focus of the OneWestBank executives and much to his satisfaction, they handled it in the blink of an eye. Within a few of business days, Kevin had a fresh approval with six percent commission and numerous emails from a range of executives and managers within OneWestBank that offered their heartfelt apologies.

It is crucial to note a few of things in this case. There are some people out there that do not embody the best interest of the lender that they work for. Moreover, Kevin and Fred were overwhelmed with how the bank stepped in and corrected this dilemma. So, hats off to OneWestBank!

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