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Have You Ever Questioned What Your Short Sale Choices Are?

Friday, June 1st, 2012

Hello, have you ever been looking around on the web wondering what the cost would be to do a short sale on your house? Maybe you possibly can barely afford your mortgage payments or possibly you possibly can’t afford them at all. You might be wondering what the prices are with doing a short sale. Well, my name is Fred Weaver and my business partner Kevin Kauffman and I run one of the nation’s main real estate groups and one of many top short sale teams in the country; Group 46:10.

Boy do I have some great information for you today. There is truly no cost to you the house owner to do a short sale. That is fairly great, I know. Now you might be wondering about the real estate commissions and who pays those. The good news about real estate commissions is they are paid for by your lender. So maybe you’ve a loan with Bank of America, Wells Fargo, or Chase or one of many different major banks or even the local banks in your area. The good news for you is that we’ll actually negotiate together with your bank for them to pay us a fee so you don’t have to. The other good news is that we don’t charge any additional fees. There are not any upfront charges or hidden fees. There are no charges for us to do the listing or upfront work. We solely get a commission from your lender for doing the short sale transaction.

We have closed over 500 short sales at a ninety% success rate and I can inform you that we now have the experience right here at Group 46:10 that can assist you in your situation. There’s probably not a lender that we’ve not worked with, or a mortgage program that we’ve not seen. There may be in all probability not a scenario that you are coping with that we haven’t heard about before. We have the power here at Group 46:10 that will help you with your particular situation.

Again, we are Group 46:10, the nation’s main short sale group and we’re right here to help. Give us a call right now and allow us to consult with you on your options. Our telephone number is 602-492-4610 or feel free to fill out a form here on our website and we would be pleased to provide you a call back. Thanks rather a lot and have a great day.

For more information on short sales and how to avoid foreclosure, or you can also and get started today.

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What To Anticipate When Finishing A Short Sale With One West Bank

Tuesday, May 22nd, 2012

Hello, do you may have a mortgage with One West Bank and also you’re in a situation where you’re potentially upside down on your home and you’re questioning what your options are. Well, my name is Fred Weaver and my business partner, Kevin Kauffman, and I run the nation’s main short sale group in the complete nation, Group 46:10.

We respect you joining us as we speak on our video, we have now tons of experience working with One West Bank, particularly on short sale transactions. We can inform you that whereas you’ll have some struggles, you might find it a little tough to communicate with One West. Over the previous 4 to five years we now have found One West to be pretty fair in relation to short sale transactions. One West Bank is a financial institution that we have quite a lot of expertise with.

So in case you’re in a state of affairs where you are the wrong way up on your private home, please give us a call today. We will assist you have a look at your whole options. Chances are you’ll be wondering if you ought to do a loan modification, do you have to short sell your home, or is it better for you to let it go to foreclosure, or does One West think about deed in lieu of foreclosures, etc… Our number is 602-492-4610 or you may fill out a form right here on our website. We’ve got a short or stay calculator that could be a device that can assist you determine when your private home can be an asset again and if it’s better for you to do a short sale or stay in your house and wait out the market.

Thanks so much for watching as we speak, we would actually love to talk with you and discuss with you more about One West Bank and what your choices are. We’ll help answer your entire short sale and underwater questions. Again we’re with Group 46:10, one of the nation’s leading short sale teams. Give us a call today. Thanks and have an excellent day.

For more information on short sales and how to avoid foreclosure, or you can also and get started today.

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