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Scam Artist Strategy: Brushing Off Your Questions

Sunday, November 6th, 2011

Welcome, I am Jeff Green with The Jeff Real Estate Team. We’re one of the leading short sale groups in the California area; thank you for joining us. Today we are going to continue our series on foreclosure related scams.

It is amazing how many different types of scams are really out there. One strategy that a con artist might utilize is to brush aside your inquiries. One way to smoke out a scam artist is to ask lots of questions regarding foreclosures and short sales. If you get the wrong answer, a different reply each time, or they just disregard your question, you’re more than likely working with someone that’s not legitimate.

An great way to guard yourself against scams is to educate yourself regarding short sales as much as possible because scam artists like to prey on ignorant people. The more you know about foreclosures and short sales, the less likely you are to be tricked.

Our process at The Jeff Real Estate Team is to encourage the homeowner to ask us a lot of questions; we believe that doing a short sale is a business relationship. The more informed you are, the more you understand about the process, the better our relationship will be.

We want the homeowner, our clients, to ask questions. That’s part of our goal; as a team we are here to give you information. In fact, after talking with us, you might think that allowing your home to foreclose might be a better option for you. We generally do not think it is, but if this is what you choose, we’re here to support you provided you make an informed decision. We’re here to help you short sell your house, provide you with any information you would like and to answer your questions.

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