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Home Buyer Beware or Home Buyer Be Empowered?

Thursday, November 11th, 2010

Buyer beware is a term that is as old and familiar as it’s Latin origin .

There is a term that is used over the past few years to describe the evil-doers that led unsuspecting consumers to foreclosure without any regard for the lives that they would destroy: That term is .

A predator does not randomly choose it’s prey – it carefully positions itself in the path (or environment) of the prey and sits, waits for a sign of weakness – then it POUNCES!

A predator will not pick the strongest and fastest as it’s prey. An experienced predator will give up quickly on any prey that looks like it will put up a fight or resist.

Buyer beware implies that there are boogie men out there that will spring out of the shadows and take down unsuspecting victims.

This is absolutely not the case with home buyers and predatory lenders. You can easily protect yourself from predatory lenders.

3 Ways To Not Be Prey

  1. Do your first – The very fact that you are reading this now pushes you outside the reach of most predators. A that has your best interest in mind will make available to you the answers to most of your questions online. Once a lender has educated and empowered you online, go to step 2 and listen for consistency between published and in-person information.
  2. Ask questions – Predators will give up easily on you if you ask too many questions. Remember, a predator is looking for easy prey. If you are constantly asking questions, they will tire and eventually stop returning your calls and emails. A lender that stops returning yours calls has decided that they do not get paid enough to waste their time helping you to make informed decisions.
  3. Ask questions about the answers – When you get an answer to your question, question the answer. A common tactic of predators is to tell you exactly the answer you were looking for. Upon further analysis, this type of quick exactly what you wanted to hear type of answer should pull the “to good to be true” alarm in your head…listen closely and trust your instinct.

Buyer Be Empowered

Education is predator repellant. As an educated buyer, you will ask more important questions and you will make more informed decisions.

You are now Empowered!

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