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A Huge Success Story In Joining Up Together With NationStar & Fannie Mae On A Short Sale File

Sunday, June 3rd, 2012

Hello everybody Mike Rigley here, your short sale advocate within the Sacramento area, thanks for taking a minute to stop by my weblog today. I work with Keller Williams Realty within the Sacramento area and use my blog to provide homeowners who may be underwater on their mortgage information on avoiding foreclosure. In case you are considering a short sale, or can no longer afford your mortgage, please stop by my website or contact me to today to go over all of your options.

For my weblog right now I wanted to discuss working with Nation Star on a short sale file and some of my recent short sale files. I not too long ago had an incredible success story on a Nation Star file that was owned by Fannie Mae. Nation Star was the servicing company and as usual they asked for the lender to make a cash contribution for the short sale closing. As a short sale advocate who understands California state law I was able to negotiate with Bank Star so as to have no contribution made and the short sale closed within thirty days. The seller was capable of walk away from a mortgage debt of two hundred and eighty thousand {dollars} with no income taxes due and only minor damage to her credit. Her next mortgage may have payments nearly half of her previous mortgage and that is hard to beat. Because this lender completed a short sale they had been able to miss fewer mortgage payments and in turn do less damage to their credit.

Do not believe all of the bad tales you hear about the short sale process and dealing with your lender. Call me in the present day to discuss your entire options for getting out from below your distressed property. You can be blissful you did. Thanks for your time and I hope you will have a wonderful day now.

For more information on short sales and how to avoid foreclosure, or you can also and get started today.

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