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Home Loan Mortgage Modification In California

Thursday, August 26th, 2010


Able Financial Solutions specializes in Home Loan Modifications in the Southern California area. We’ve gone way above and beyond the call of duty to familiarize ourselves with the unique circumstances home owners contend with from Los Angeles to Palm Springs; from Orange County to San Diego. Our expertise rests in our ability to understand and connect with the average person dealing with hardships.


At Able Financial Solutions, we pride ourselves in bringing forth factual, up-to-date information that helps struggling and savvy homeowners alike make intelligent and informed decisions about Home Loan Modifications. We also acknowledge there are a lot of Home Loan Modification experts who can make the negotiation process with your lender appear more intimidating than it really is…


We’re not here to necessarily convince you to do business with us (although we appreciate everyone who is drawn to work with us). Our mission of sorts is to increase the positive awareness about Home Loan Modifications, especially as it pertains to the Southern California area where we reside.


Home Loan Modifications in Southern California are an amazing opportunity for any homeowner who seeks out their government supported right for mortgage restructuring!


There are a lot of misconceptions, misinformation, and old truths not yet retold about Home Loan Modifications. If you’re a homeowner in L.A., Riverside, San Bernardino, O.C., or San Diego, listen up: The information we’re inspired to share with you is going to help you tremendously in making the right decision about your ever-expanding mortgage restructuring options.


Let’s get straight to the heart about the Home Loan Modification reality:


  • The Obama Administration believes Home Loan Modifications are an essential piece for economic recovery. Obama has created a 75 million dollar federal program that helps people with home loans of less than $729,750 succeed in restructuring their mortgages.


  • Lenders like Chase, Bank of America, and Citi Bank (just to name a few) are extremely compliable about approving Home Loan Modifications. Whereas, a couple years ago, Southern California lenders were quite stubborn about approving home loan restructuring of any kind. New precedence about government funding and overseeing has changed the way lenders treat mortgage loan modifications. These are empowering times for homeowners, as much as they are scary for people who don’t know their rights and options. (Note: Individual lenders are more apt to approve different aspects about your home loan modification. Contact Able Financial Solutions to learn more about your distinctive situation.)


The truth is that Home Loan Modifications are absolutely perfectly suited for anyone unhappy with the structure of their mortgage:


  • Are you paying a loan that’s under water, e.g. no equity?


  • Have you been unable to pay your monthly mortgage and need to find a solution immediately to prevent foreclosure?


  • Are you already in the midst of foreclosure proceedings and are experiencing a lot of fear about what options you have to save your home?


A lot of people fail to seek out the options they have to restructure their home loans because of fearing the unknown. These ever-changing economic times, while difficult for a lot of people; are also affording YOU the opportunity to renegotiate with lenders in ways that were not possible a few years ago. Lenders in Southern California don’t want an abundance of foreclosed properties. That’s to nobody’s benefit. Don’t let the noise in your head prevent you from taking deliberate action to better your life because of not fully knowing your options. The fact is that Home Loan Modifications are appropriate for anyone in the Southern California area who wants to:


  • Lower their interest rate.


  • Lower their loan principle to be more in harmony with today’s reduced home and property values.


  • Stop paying ridiculous monthly payments for their outdated principle loan.


No, you are not helpless.


No, your home loan circumstances are not hopeless; even if you were rejected for a Home Loan Modification in the past.


Able Financial Solutions has special relationships with many of the lenders in Southern California that allow us to complete a modification in 3-5 weeks. Our unique ability to expedite your Home Loan Modification is a peace of mind we enjoy giving our customers.


When you work directly with Able Financial Solutions, we also take the burden of stress off your shoulders by:


  • Determining the outcome of your Home Loan Modification before imparting any financial obligation to you.


  • We also work with you to create a monthly payment you can afford before there is any cost to you.


In plain black & white English, there are absolutely no upfront costs for your Home Loan Modification. You can take that to the, um, lender!


Take the first step and contact us today. We’re here to help you become aware about your specific Loan Modification options. More importantly, Able Financial Solutions will give you the freedom to finally leave behind all the stress, worry, doubt, and fear about your cherished home. We proudly facilitate the ability for you to regain your sanity and equilibrium so can live a better more hassle free life. Isn’t that what we all want?

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