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Seeing colors in shades of gray: Would you buy a neon green house or a yellow car?

Friday, July 16th, 2010

As children, it seems as if our favorite crayons were the ones with the brightest, wildest colors. A neon green house with purple trim would have made absolute sense. But over time, our preference of colors   – for homes and cars, in particular  – got more muted.

If you are in the market for a new or , color may be on your mind. It tends to influence our attitudes towards a house (popular exterior paint colors here in the United States include white, beige and shades of gray) and is the reason why articles on “how to sell your home” typically address the best color choices to promote a sale. A few recent reports also look at how color may influence reactions –  from both neighbors and car thieves.

One Dutch study, as reported in the Huffington Post, suggests that thieves tend to avoid cars of a certain brushstroke for their poor resale value. The research determined that black, silver and gray cars were more likely to be stolen by car thieves than those painted lollipop shades of yellow, pink or red. In sum: a yellow car is probably better than a car alarm.

And that hypothetical neon green home with purple trim? It’s for real. The house is causing a stir in a Los Angeles area neighborhood where neighbors are concerned that the house’s luminous exterior will affect their own property values. Though the residents have appealed to public officials for help, it appears that no one can force a color makeover since the area has no HOA-type guidelines outlining color schemes, according to The Los Angeles Times.

–By Anna Cearley,

What’s your favorite car or house color?

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