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Funny Stories of a Personal Saver

Wednesday, August 18th, 2010

Your team had a lot of fun with this post.  We were asked about the most outrageous money saving tips we have ever used.  Trust us, there was a lot of laughs at the “expense” of saving money (we couldn’t resist a corny joke).  Check out our top three wild money saving tips, and the stories behind them.

  • Don’t Shower – Well, don’t stop showering altogether, but stop showering regularly.  Save money on your water bill while making your bathroom products last longer.  Your CashNetUSA team member, Dorian, went three weeks without showering regularly.  When asked for comment, he said his water bill was “significantly lower, but I would rather not try it again…  It was a college bet.  I won and saved some money!”
  • Stop Shaving – This suggestion is as “hairy” as it sounds.  Our team member Keith has not shaved in nine months (don’t worry, he’s in a band).  Keith said that not shaving has saved him “over $250 so far… My beard is thick, so I was always buying razors and shaving cream…  It keeps me warm in the winter.  Plus, my wife likes it.  Everyone is happy.”
  • Live Without Heat or Airconditioning – Our CashNetUSA team member, Colleen, uncomfortably tried this for a full year while saving money for a house.  ”My winter was spent wrapped in blankets, but I had a savings goal in mind.  The money I saved each month helped keep me going.”  If you can through it out like Colleen, your growing bank account will keep you comfortable.

Although these stories were fun to share (and write about), it shows how everyone is willing to save money in extreme ways.  Unfortunately, no matter how much we save, life can always throw you an unwanted expense.  As you can see from above, your CashNetUSA family knows how this feels.  We are always here to help when you need fast cash with an online, short-term, payday loan.  


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