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For Sale: The Happiest Place on Earth?

Tuesday, August 2nd, 2011

The Los Angeles estate built in 1932 for the late Walt Disney is up for sale for $3.65 million, and gosh, it sure is swell. In fact, perusing the pictures of it over at makes us think it may just be the happiest place on Earth! The four bedroom, five bath house has more than 6,000 square feet of living space and nifty views of downtown Los Angeles. The backyard playhouse, built for Disney’s two daughters, looks like the perfect little bungalow for a sweet brunette and her seven diminutive friends.

Say you paid $3.5 million for this cozy cottage, and got a 30-year fixed jumbo mortgage carrying a 5 percent interest rate. According to our , your monthly payment would be $15,031.01 .

Jiminy Cricket! We’d have to wish upon a lot of stars to afford that one!

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Tony Danza’s Malibu House Is Boss

Tuesday, July 26th, 2011

We now have the answer to that most perplexing question, first posed by the 1980s television series: Who’s the Boss?

Tony Danza’s Malibu beach house is boss.

With an airy decor and reach-out-and-touch-it views of the Pacific, we don’t think houses  get much more awesome than this. And now, the Brooklyn-born star of the inquisitively-titled sitcom has put it up for sale, according to AOL Real Estate, which has of the $9.1 million property. Say you paid $9 million for it, put 20 percent down and got a 30-year jumbo mortgage with a fixed 5 percent interest rate. According to our Celebrity Mortgage Calculator, your monthly payment would be $38,651.15.

Yo, Tony! Here’s a question for you: You think you could you shave a few million off the price for us?

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