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The Top 5 Places That Are Attracting Investors In Central America

Friday, May 28th, 2010

We closely track real estate developments across Central America.Some places seem to get hot for a while and then disappear again.  But there are some places that seem to remain attractive for property buyers whatever the ups and downs of the property market.

These ‘purchasing destinations’ or ‘property hotspots’ share some common characteristics.  They are popular for tourists, have inherent appeal and are seeing infrastructure improvements.  These places simply stand the test of time and will continue to outperform other areas.

1) Ambergris Caye, – Part of the appeal is the great barrier reef running along the entire coastline of this palm fringed island.  It’s a world heritage site and has been attracting divers for years.The main town on the island has sandy streets (the main form of travel is by golf cart) and a cute village like atmosphere..  Investors are able to choose from secluded resorts and condo projects away from town (some of these are accessed by boat) or apartments in the town itself and close to all the services.

2) San Juan del Sur, – This small fishing town is firmly on the radar for real estate investors.  San Juan sits in a beautiful horseshoe bay with a perfect sunset orientation.  The past years have seen a whole host of infrastructure improvements including a resurfacing of the road (no potholes all the way from Managua), a new water pipeline project, a pedestrian walkway over the river and an upgrade to the port for cruise visitors.

3) Panama City, Panama – The most cosmopolitan city in the entire region and a world-class banking hub.  There has been a massive boom in condo apartments with more and more high-rise buildings gracing the skyline.  Some commentators are concerned with over-supply but the market is holding up well.

4) Guancacaste, Costa Rica – This area took off with the building of the Liberia international airport.  Some of the worlds biggest hospitality brand names have set up shop including the Four Seasons.2008 was a tough year for sellers in this area (and across Central America for that matter) but the best quality developments are moving ahead with confidence.

5) Central Coast, Nicaragua – This area of Nicaragua’s coastline is under 1hr from the capital city, Managua and is emerging as the country’s most important golfing area.Plans are in train for three championship golf courses including one by Jack Nicklaus and a second by Mike Young..Investors are drawn to the dramatic landscape, the sparkling waters and the empty beaches.

We continue to track where investors are focusing their attention across Central America.  The trick is to find them early, at the beginning of their growth curve and before the rest of the world catches on.

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