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Realtor Designations At Other’s Realty

Friday, April 20th, 2012

Thank you for visiting me; I’m Saul Carter with Other’s Realty, one of the leading real estate and short sale teams in Modesto. Today I wanted to talk to you about various real estate designations, which are essentially the different letters and abbreviations that realtors have behind their names.

As I have previously mentioned, we have recently finalized our 76th short sale. What is exciting about that is when you complete your 75th short sale transaction, you obtain a higher designation. As a realtor, there are plenty of opportunities for us to obtain different designations by going to workshops and taking educational classes. One of the key reasons I obtained my broker’s license is because it gave me a higher level of education over being a regular salesman.

I also have a short sale designation which is a short sale genius diamond. This is the level that I just received upon finalizing my 75th short sale. What is great about the designation that I have is that I’m not just going to a class for a few hours and then taking a test; I am gaining short sale practice while attempting to achieve a higher designation. With the short sale genius designation there are basically two components: a continuing education forum that takes place on a weekly basis and then there’s the number of short sales that you have closed. There are some designations available, like the CEPE and the SFR, that I do not really agree with after having done so many short sales of my own.

Essentially, I feel as if there is no better technique to obtain a designation than getting short sales done. If you need help short selling your home or would like more information, please call us or fill out the getting started form on our website. Other’s Realty can help you successfully short sell your property, so please contact us today.

For more information on short sales and how to avoid foreclosure, or you can also and get started today.

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