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Staging Foreclosed Properties in 3 Steps

Friday, October 7th, 2011

A lot of foreclosure sellers certainly find it tough to look for a buyer especially with the “bad” reputation foreclosed properties have earned in the past couple of years. Many buyers thought that since these houses are sold “as is”, the worst possible condition is expected.

Staging Foreclosed Properties in 3 Steps

If you are among the many sellers who are trying to break away from such belief, you need to make sure potential buyers will be delightfully surprised with the way your foreclosed home looks. It does not even take much — just three little steps.

Step 1: Work With What You Got

There is no reason for you to go all out and embark on a full-blown renovation. You can simply choose to throw out the unnecessary and make sure the positive features of the home are emphasized. If the home has been vacant for some time, you will simply need to focus on cleaning it and making it presentable to buyers. Replace or remove burned-out light bulbs and get rid of dead plants. You might even want to open the windows and let the sun in to get rid of the musty smell most vacant homes have.

Step 2: Add Color

You would be surprised at how some fresh paint can do wonders for a room. Some lovely curtains could also do the trick. You can put flowers in vases and put several of them all throughout the house. Not only will they brighten up the place but they could also make it smell nice.

Step 3: Keep It Simple

There is no need for you to try to make the home look magazine-cover worthy. Buyers know the home has been foreclosed and even expect the worst. You just need to focus on creating a look which will allow buyers to picture their things in the home easily.

Staging a is actually simple if you are aware of what to prioritize. With just these three steps, you can increase buyer interest and find yourself selling the home in no time at all.

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