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Be a Parent and a Student with Payday Loans

Wednesday, November 9th, 2011

As a parent, one of the best decisions that you could ever make is to return to school and work on finally getting your degree. Not only will you be able to earn more money for yourself and your family, you will also be setting a good example for your children that they too can get their degrees if they set their minds to it. Unfortunately, between being a full time employee and a student you won’t have a ton of time to spend at home relaxing with your children. You also won’t have a ton of time to spend managing your finances and financial emergencies will come up. When your family is having a financial emergency, contact CashNetUSA and get the cash you need deposited into your bank account fast.

Why CashNetUSA can’t help you to pay tuition, we can help you with the emergency cash you may need when that certain unexpected expense arises. Not only can CashNetUSA help you will emergency payday loans for circumstances beyond your control, we can also help you cover things like emergency car repair or doctor visits if one of your children needs to visit the doctor. Apply online today to learn more about payday loans from CashNetUSA.

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CashNetUSA Helps Children Save Money

Monday, November 15th, 2010

Your payday loans team treats our customers as if you are part of our family.  Just like in every family, knowledge is usually shared from the eldest to the youngest.  When it comes to saving, your payday loans family has a couple tips about teaching your children how to save at a young age.

  • Save Yourself – Children have an uncanny ability to acquire unspoken habits.  Make saving a weekly routine around the household.  First impressions are very important to any child.
  • Explain – As you continue to save and budget, make sure to explain the importance of saving to your children.  Remember that most children at a young age have not had a job, or big bills to pay.  Instead, create teaching moments by discussing the role of saving and the new video game or toy they have been eyeing.  Trust us, that will get their attention.  For your older kids, sit down with a calculator and show them just how much money they could be saving towards a new car, or computer.
  • Reward – Leading by example and creating teaching moments are a great start, but try to reward your child when they save.  Try not to go overboard so that the reward overshadows the lesson of saving.  However, taking them out to their favorite restaurant, extending their curfew, or matching a saving amount might add some extra motivation when hitting a savings goal.
  • Save Together – Take your child to the bank to open up their own savings account.  This allows your child to visualize the process of saving and where their money is going.  “Saving” no longer becomes a lecture from mom and dad.
  • Save Forever – The most important piece of advice we get from parents around our office is to instill the sense of saving due to hard work.  Make sure to tell your child they can buy whatever they want IF they can pay for it (or a part of it).  Give your child the motivation to make important decisions at a young age.

Your family hopes to have an impact on your family’s savings.  Giving your children the intelligence, motivation, and freedom at a young age to budget and save will allow them a better chance at financial freedom when they are older.  Do you have any more suggestions on how to teach children about savings?  Leave them in the comments below, or follow us on and !


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