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Seven Units in Foreclosure in Tampa are Will Get a Facelift

Friday, May 7th, 2010

Seven units in are will get a facelift after a promise was made by David Foster to the government that if they granted him dollar from non-profit public funds he would undertake development of seven estates and convert them into affordable homes. The location is one of the poorest in Tampa area.

Five of the estates have been lying derelict. All the seven have landed up in . Considering the background it is difficult to understand why Foster (Central City Community Development Corporation) would get funds from the public kitty to develop the area. But Reps. Bill Young, Gus Bilirakis and Kathy Castor as well as Senator Bill Nelson are not surprised.

In 2009 these legislators assisted Foster to avail of a grant of $500,000 for a big project in Tampa named Veterans Commons. It targeted affordable houses of the homeless, support to students who were facing risks and employment to 400.

Federal grants cannot be availed without inspection. The four members of the Congress however did not know that Foster had not satisfactorily completed the projects. They also were ignorant that he had over stated in the proposal his partners’ involvement, that he had a record in messing up grants for projects of a smaller scale and that his firm had faced legal tangles that included tax liens.

The legislators of the Tampa Bay region in said that they had taken the decision founded on what had Foster had told them. Many opine that he should not be given even a cent. Lawyer Craig Rothburd of Hillsborough County Homeless Coalition said, “I am flabbergasted that this guy’s getting another $500,000. That’s just insane.”

Craig has first hand experience of Foster. The coalition had given him a grant from the state for $400,000 to develop units for the homeless and has now brought legal charges against Foster cheating on the contract.

Foster was asked as to the causes of the failure of the previous projects funded from the taxpayer’s kitty he did not have a proper answer but said that his organization had bigger targets. He said, “It’s about building community. It’s not necessarily about building buildings. When you’re dealing with non-profits, most of the small ones are passion-driven. And many do not have the experience. Hopefully we learn. That’s what makes us better and not quit.”

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