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Monday, June 14th, 2010

The market for real estate for the counties of Loudoun, Prince William and Fairfax is still proving to be great for investing for those looking to invest in USA Real Estate.

Lately, the trend has been that real estate purchases have been increasing due to the fact that sellers have been decreasing their pricing. This would translate to a good time to buy properties at a deal and even more urgently now since this would not last much longer with the increase in purchases. If buyers continue to increase, then prices will go up.

As you can see a good way of profiting from your investment, as if they DO NOT repay you, most of the time, you will become the property owner free and clear!

WOW! Not bad for a few hundred or thousand of dollars invested!

Back tracking to a few years ago, within a good economy, the norm used to be 90% Redemption from the home owner, which meant 9 out 10 home owners made good on their tax situation by making a payment, before you the tax lien holder gained ownership of the house. In which case, you gained back your investment plus interest, as was the worst case scenario! Not bad right?

Fairfax County
– More than 1 million residents
– 580,000+ jobs
– Budget larger than four states
– 395 square miles (land)
– Median household income: $105,241
– One of the highest income counties in the US
– Percent of people below the poverty level: 4.9 percent
– Individuals speaking a language that is not English at home: 32.9 percent

This county also has schools that are ranked among the top 10 in the US has loads of recreational venues such as parks and shopping centers. It is also situated very near major employment centers commuter routes. These things are why people are moving into Fairfax.

Contractor – When shopping for a contractor, be sure you find someone that is licensed and insured. If you are working with a Realtor that specializes in foreclosures they will be able to recommend several. The same goes for a wholesaler. Interview them and find out how they get paid. Most reputable contractors have lines of credit, so they don’t require as much money upfront to get the job started. Ask to look at a job they are currently working on or have just completed. This will give you an idea of the quality of work they do. Have several contractors submit bids on the job before you make an offer on the property. You have to know how much the rehab is going to be before you can make a sound offer. Go through the property and make a detailed list of what needs to be done. Remember, you are not moving into this house, this is going to be a rental. Once the property is yours, go back and get a firm bid on completing the repairs including the time frame to get the job done. Time is of the essence. A vacant house produces no cash flow!!! If one contractor gives you a better price, but can’t start for several weeks, it may be better to pay a little more to get the job done quickly. You should have in writing exactly what will be done and the total price. Of course, there is always the unexpected, but if the rehab goes according to plan, there is no reason for there to be a change in price. You may want to negotiate to pay them one-third upfront, one-third when the job is 75% complete and the last third when the job is complete and has been inspected. This way if there are any problems or things weren’t done that were on the list, the contractor has to take care of it before receiving final payment.

Loudoun County
– A little over 280,000 in population
– Fourth fastest growing county in the US
– 520 square miles (land)
– Median household income: $107,207
– Highest median household income in the country beating Fairfax County

There have been lots of resales going on in here in terms of real estate and there has been limited new construction of houses. New home constructions have become very slow and requests for building permits have drastically dropped. It is a great place to invest in though if you’re going for USA Real Estate given that its residents have the highest income in the whole country.

Appraiser – You need to know before you buy a property what it is going to appraise for when the rehab is completed. The Realtor/Wholesaler will have a good idea, but you need to be as accurate as possible. Remember, the goal is to not be out of pocket any money. If when you go to refinance and you thought the property was worth $100,000, but the appraisal comes in at $90,000, you probably will have to go to closing with money. It’s a good idea, to get a verbal appraisal before you buy. Also, since you already have a lender on your TEAM, find out which appraiser they use. You can then contact them and ask if they will do a verbal appraisal on a property you are considering. If you tell them that you will ask the lender to use them for the appraisal, they usually will do a verbal for free. Even if you have to pay them something, it’s better to know the value on the front end, not after you have bought it. I do want to mention that even if you get a verbal appraisal, if it takes you 3 months or longer to get your property rehabbed and refinanced, then the appraisal may be off. Appraisers are limited as to the age of the comparables they use. So if it takes a long time to get the rehab completed and then you have to start shopping for a lender, instead of already working with someone, then the comps the appraiser used in the verbal appraisal may no longer be any good.

Accountant – Preferably, your accountant will be a CPA who has experience with real estate investments. Not only will they benefit you at tax time when it comes to write-offs, but also throughout the year in setting up your business correctly and reducing your capital gains tax if you sell a property.

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