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Make Certain To Get A Experienced Short Sale Agent For Your Nation Star Mortgage

Saturday, April 14th, 2012

Hello everybody my name is Kelly Cook with the KC Real Estate Group, your Arizona short sale specialists, thanks for testing my weblog today. Our team is dedicated to helping Phoenix householders avoid foreclosure and I use my blog to supply worthwhile information on that very topic. In case you are behind on your mortgage, or already considering a short sale, feel free to browse my web site or contact me directly to discuss your real estate options.

For my blog matter at the moment I wanted to talk about working with Nation Star Mortgage on a short sale file and a few of my current experiences. Nation Star is a servicing company that has been buying up mortgage portfolio’s from other banks and servicers of late and our workforce has plenty of expertise with their short sale staff. Nation Star started out as a pretty small company but with their recent purchases have become an enormous part of the mortgage industry. Presently our staff has a ninety fourt percent success rate on short sales with Nation Star and we feel that is pretty darn good. Our workforce has achieved a great job of building optimistic relationships with their workers which in turn helps our clients get better outcomes on their short sale files. One of the large positives with Nation Star is using a web based platform to submit your short sale file to as a substitute of dealing with piles of paperwork.

We’ve got had great success with Nation Star and I encourage you to contact me with any Nation Star Mortgage questions. In case you are behind on your mortgage or have seen the value of your own home decrease rapidly it’s in your finest interest to understand your options for avoiding foreclosure. Thanks for your time today and I look forward to hearing from you soon at your Arizona short sale specialists, the KC Real Estate Group.

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Working On A Bremer Bank Short Sale Calls For Expertise

Tuesday, November 15th, 2011

Hello everybody I’m Josh Pomerleau with Short Sale Shift, Minnesota’s premiere short sale team, thank you for checking out my blog today. I work with Keller Williams Realty in the Minneapolis area and blog on daily basis from the short sale trenches to offer valuable info to distressed proprerty house owners looking to avoid foreclosure. If this weblog is useful please flick thru the nearly five hundred videos on my website to study even more about your short sale options.

For our blog matter at the moment I wanted to discuss working with Bremer Bank on a short sale file and some of the experiences I have had. Bremer is a smaller local bank in Minnesota and I have been in a position to get an approval on every quick sale file with them. Because Bremer is a regional bank with a smaller mortgage portfolio I’ve found that they are often harder to negotiate with. Since each mortgage loan can be extremely beneficial to Bremer their short sale staff will even be very thorough when sifting through your financial information included in your short sale file. For these reasons it is very important pick a short sale agent with loads of expertise, especially with Bremer Bank. Due to our past work with Bremer now we have good relationships with their staff and can develop a method that is right to your short sale. When you’ve got any questions on your Bremer Bank mortgage, or another lender, please visit my web site or contact me today. On my website you will find a short sale specialist waiting to answer any questions you might need because of the orange chat box in the lower left hand corner. Thank you for checking out Minnesota’s premiere short sale group and have an important day.

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