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There Are A Number Of Constructive Reasons To Work With Chase Bank When Finishing A Short Sale

Monday, May 14th, 2012

Good afternoon we’re Dennis and Jesse with Pickett Street Properties, Seattle’s main short sale team. We’re at the moment working through several Chase short sales. Unlike any other servicers we have worked with, they are calling us. Often when I send in a file I do not hear something until I send in an offer. Nonetheless with Chase, as soon as my client has notified Chase that they are making use of for a short sale, Chase instantly puts me within the loop and they check in to see if we have now any offers and make sure we have now all paperwork complete.

Chase has been very proactive. They reach out to us, the actual estate brokers and see what they can do to get the property sold and the short sale completed. The fact is that Chase short sales are not fast, I wouldn’t say this quickens the process it simply makes it really feel like there’s someone on the different end of the line, and you do not need to do every part on your own. There are other lenders who are horrific to work with and there is no communication. Chase has made it simpler to speak to somebody and get questions answered. Chase could improve their programs and time frames.

The principle factor is we get Chase short sales accepted fairly regularly. Now we have several we are working on now. The factor to know if you are a home-owner with a mortgage through Chase who’s considering a short sale, you’ll completely be capable of remedy that by a short sale versus a foreclosure as a result of Chase is proactive in working with those files. What you also need to know is that this isn’t going to be a four week process with Chase. It’s almost definitely going to be a six to twelve week process with Chase. That is after you’ve gotten a proposal from a buyer. It’s essential for us to know that because we inform the client of this. Chase is not bad to work with, however they will take longer.

That’s our experience with Chase. Once more, we are Pickett Street Properties, Seattle’s main short sale team. Feel free to give us a call when you have any questions. Check out our short or stay calculator in case you are considering a short sale. Thanks.

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