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Why Would A Lender Agree To Do A Short Sale?

Saturday, March 19th, 2011

Hi once more. I am Mark Alan Adams, owner and creator of the Mark Alan Adams Team. We are Orlando’s premier short sale team. Today we would like to chat to you about a query that lots of potential customers have. Why would a lender consent to perform a short sale?

Quite plainly, banks are in business to let somebody borrow money and, in turn, collect payments on that money. lenders are not in industry to possess property and property supervision. Consequently, a Orlando short sale is a more financially beneficial opportunity for the banks than a trustee sale or foreclosure sale.

In a Orlando short sale, a lender will earn 10%-40% more cash at the Orlando short sale than they would with a foreclosure sale. So it only makes more sense for the bank to do a short sale instead of a trustee sale.

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