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Home Renovation Tips for Small Spaces

Monday, November 7th, 2011

There are homes, particularly in a busy metropolis, where space is not exactly easy to be had. However, this does not mean that you cannot create more space in a small home or apartment. Now might be the right time to renovate your small space to give yourself more breathing room.

Home Renovation Tips for Small Spaces

De-cluttering is the best move

You might be tired of hearing this, but removing clutter is the best way to free up space. It may sound basic, but it is very much needed, particularly for smaller spaces. Throw away all the things you do not need, from paper to furniture to rugs to everything else that are of no use to you.

You might be keeping old furniture or other items because you think you will find use for them in the future, but if they have been with you for more than five years and you still have not found a practical use for them, then you probably never will. Give them away, donate them or sell them to surplus shops.

Make use of practical decors and furniture

Floor to ceiling bookshelves are the best way to keep what you need without having them scattered all over the house. It can occupy one wall and you can use the many alcoves on it to keep books, pictures, lamps and other things. Aside from helping keep your things organized, a bit of creativity can also make that shelf a part of your home décor.

You can also use well-designed floating cabinets that can be nailed to the wall but do not need to be anchored on the floor. You can put them on higher areas where they will not be in the way and will not take up floor space. Also, use corner spaces, like between two windows, to put in a built-in cabinet that can hold other items you cannot throw away. These spaces are often left vacant and you should put them to good use.

Create space with color

Use light colors to paint the rooms. White, cream and very light green make spaces look bigger. These shades are also soothing and do not make you feel pressed for space like most bold colors do.

The same can be said of your furniture. If they were made of wood, choose light colored types to go with your wall color. Do not use heavy curtains with heavy colors as they will make rooms look darker. Remember that in creating space, natural light is your biggest friend. The more outside natural light gets inside the house, the more spacious and the lighter the rooms will feel and look.

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