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Ideas And Tips On How To Deal With Seterus Short Sales

Friday, January 27th, 2012

Hello, my name is Kevin Kauffman and that is Fred Weaver. We’re Group 46:10, certainly one of the nation’s main real estate teams specializing in short sales. Is Seterus driving you crazy, do you’ve a loan that’s serviced by them, previously with LBPS or Wilshire Credit?

I am right here to let you know they’ve driven us slightly crazy as well. I need you to know that Seterus is closing short sales however it’s vital that you simply’re working with a real estate group that is aware of find out how to handle and work with Seterus. Over the past 12 months, we’ve worked very hard to get better at short sales with Seterus and build better and deeper relationships and contacts with the folks at Seterus. Actually, now we have now a gentleman who is kind of our assigned special negotiator at Seterus dealing with all the files. You see, Kevin and I and our complete team have over 70 listings at any one given time and many of those are actually serviced by Seterus. Due to the quantity of short sales we do on our workforce, Seterus has given us a special particular person to work only Seterus files listed by Group 46:10.

So, you probably have a house and a loan with Seterus and also you’re questioning can I do a short sale with them, how does this work, do they even do it? Give us a call at the moment at 480-449-6642 or fill out the form here on the web site as a result of we’d love to talk with you more and answer all your questions and let you know some ideas and tricks on the way to work with Seterus. We’re Group 46:10, one of the nation’s main short sale teams and finally we’re right here to assist you. Thanks quite a bit and have a terrific day.

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